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37% of americans approve of the job mr. obama is doing. that is down nine points since last month. ha this that same time, approval of his affordable care act has dropped from 12 points -- has opped 12 points from 43% to 31%. john dickerson is our political director. bill daly is in chicago. he was once the president's chief of staff. first to you, john. these numbers in the poll, what strikes you? >> what strikes me, scott, is that when the president has had low approval ratings number before-- like during the debt ceiling night 2011, people still thought he was trustworthy. cbs asked last year and 60% said they did. now only 49% do. >> that's in part because of his broken promise that if you had insurance you liked you could keep it. this will make it very hard for the president to remarket his affordable care act or to sell other items in his agenda and this is a bruise that's going to keep getting hit because there are credibility tests to come. the president made promises about the law when he was selling it and he's made promises about the web site and those promises are still y
obama has made to federal judgeships. democrats accused republicans of abusing the filibuster rule to hold up these appointments. and they point out that half of all filibusters against presidential nominations in u.s. history have happened just in the obama administration. well, today, democrats pushed through a change in the filibuster rule that was so unthinkable, it was nicknamed "the nuclear option." nancy cordes has the fallout on capitol hill. >> reporter: leaders from both parties have threatened to deploy this nuclear option for decades, but until now, they have never followed through because it fundamentally altered the way the senate works. the senate's democratic leader harry reid said the final straw came when the republicans blocked the pretty three nominees will to the u.s. circuit court in washington, d.c. >> the obstruction we have seen from republicans against president obama has reached new heights never dreamed of. >> reporter: so he called all 100 senators to the floor and announced he was changing a 96- year-old rule, lowering the hurdle for confirming appoint
: tonight, the president takes >> we fumbled the roll out on this health care law. >> pelley: mr. obama expresses regret and rolls back part of obamacare. >> you say you're back to zero. how do you start again? >> pelley: seth doane with survivors of the super typhoon, fending off hunger, waiting for rescue. a big city mayor fights for his job after new rounds of charges of misconduct. and the kennedy assassination. bob schieffer tells the story through police recordings, some never heard until tonight. captioning sponsored by cbs by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. president obama set out to fix a broken promise today. he's always said that obamacare would never force americans to give up a health insurance policy they liked. but then insurance companies started canceling nearly five million policies because those policies don't meet the higher standards of the affordable car act. the outcry has been getting louder by the day. here was the president on this day. >> i completely get how upsetting this can be for a lot of americans, particula
obama telephoned 10 members of the armed forces from the oval office today. he thanked them for their service and wished them and their families a happy thanksgiving. the president celebrated the holiday himself at the white house. watching football and dining with his family. the menu included turkey, of course, with all the trimmers, and for dessert, pie, nine varieties from huckleberry to coconut custard. last weekend, the president announced a breakthrough deal with iran. the iranians will temporarily freeze their nuclear program in return for the u.s. easing some sanctions. today, turkey became the first country to try to take advantage of the business opportunities that may present. the economic minister said he'd like all turkish banks to be able to do business with iran. holly williams is in strbl tonight. holly what, can you tell us about this? >> reporter: margaret, it's unclear exactly what this means. the background is, in 2011, the u.s. wrought in sanctions that prevent foreign banks from doing business with iran's oil companies. now, the aim was to cripple iran
done. the house oversight committee released an obama administration memo that shows four days before the launch the government took an unusual step. it granted itself a waiver to launch the web site with a level of uncertainty deemed as a high security risk. agency head marilyn tavener accepted the risk and mitigation measures like frequent testing and a dedicated security team. but three other officials signed a statement saying "that does not reduce the risk of launching october 1." georgetown law professor lawrence gostin is a big supporter of the affordable care act. he helped congress write the law to meet constitutional standards but he's critical of the launch without proper security. >> nothing can undermine public confidence more than the fear of a security and privacy breach. you could have somebody hack into the system, get your social security number, get your financial information. >> reporter: exchanges data through a massive hub that includes the i.r.s. and social security administration to verify income and identity and veterans affairs for military per
. today, president obama phoned the philippine president begnino aquino, promising additional help. about 100 u.s. marines are already on the ground, as many as 2,000 more are expected. the aircraft carrier "george washington" should arrive on thursday. aquino said today the death toll may reach 2,500-- not the 10,000 some had predicted. but a reliable number is days away. we do know at least two americans are among the dead. in tacloban, the city hit hardest, thousands have swarmed the airport, desperate to get out. for now, it's women and children first. those who remain can only try to ward off the smell of death. this was tacloban, a city of 220,000 before the storm. that's the convention center there on the shore. after the typhoon, the convention center was just about the only building still standing. seth doane is in tacloban. >> reporter: four days after the typhoon flattened this port city, many bodies still lay uncollected on the side of the road wrapped in cloth. increasingly desperate survivors are scavenging for food. children begged for water from any passing vehicles. while
in northern new england. today president obama called this weekend's nuclear deal with iran a first step in preventing iran from building an atomic bomb. under this agreement, iran said that it won't expand its uranium enrichment for six months. it also agreed to new monitoring. in return, the u.s. and its allies will ease slightly some economic sanctions that have crippled the iranian economy. we have two reports on this tonight beginning with major garrett at the white house. major? >> reporter: scott, the white house got to work almost immediately on the next phase of these talks, the one december signed to end-- not merely halt-- iran's nuclear weapons program. at president obama's invitation, israel's national security advisor will travel to washington next week to play a key role in those negotiations. facing skepticism from congress and israel president obama defended the deal with iran as a victory for diplomacy over war. >> we can not close the door on diplomacy and we can not rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. we can not commit ourselves to an endless cycle of
,086. the blue chip index ends the up month 3.5%. president obama and the first lady met today with activists who are demanding immigration reform. the obamas spent 40 minutes inside their tent on the national mall. some of the protesters are conducting hunger strikes. the senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill last summer but speaker john boehner has refused to schedule a vote in the house. china today scrambled warplanes over disputed islands that are claimed by both china and japan. the u.s. considers the skies above them international airspace and as seth doane in beijing reports, tensions are rising fast. >> reporter: two chinese fighter jets flew their first patrols today over these desolate islands in the east china sea. japan and china have been at loggerheads for years over the islands but last week, china suddenly declared that it would police the skies above a vast new territory that included the islands. it also warned it would take military action if countries flew inside its knew air defense zone without first notifying the chinese government. the uninhabited islands are loc
evening, for 31 days now, the obama administration has been telling us americans by the millions are visiting the new health insurance web site despite all of its problems, but no one in the administration has been willing to tell us how many policies have been purchased, and this may be the reason. cbs news has learned enrollments got off to an incredibly slow start. sharyl attkisson attained documents that haven't been seen by the public until now. >> reporter: early enrollment figures are contained in notes from twice a day war room meetings from medicare and medicaid services after the web site failed on october 1. they were turned over in response to a document request from the house oversight committee. the web site launched on tuesday. publicly, the government said there were 4.7 million unique visits in the first 24 hours. but at a meeting wednesday morning, the war room notes say six enrollments very occurred so far. they were with blue cross blue shield of north carolina and kansas city and, caresource, and health care service corporation. by wednesday afternoons enroll
publicly asked president obama to end all u.s. drone strikes. but scott, they clearly remain a very useful counterterror tool. >> pelley: margaret, thanks very much. jeffrey zients is the man overseeing the repair of the federal government's health insurance web site. he said today they are quote on track, end quote, to have it done by the end of the month. our sharyl attkisson broke the news yesterday that nationwide only six policies were purchased the entire first day that the site was on-line. sharyl is back with us tonight with more, sharyl? >> reporter: scott, the obama administration didn't dispute those enrollment numbers reported in government meeting notes. six the first day as you said, just six. 248 by the end of day two. white house spokesman jay carney said they haven't really-- released enrollment fillings because the numbers have to be checked and accurate and he downplayed expectations. >> let me just tell you now, november 1. we don't expect those numbers to be very high. and we never did. but they're going to be even lower because of the challenges we've had with the web
did. the obama administration issued new rules that will improve access to care for 62 million americans. it's an idea the president said he would impose himself by executive order after congress declined to pass gun control legislation. the move comes after the movie massacre in colorado that left 12 dead, the shootings in newtown, connecticut, that killed 27, the washington navy yard attack in which 12 died, and the shooting at l.a.x. one week ago. 88 dead in 12 mass shootings in just over a year. major garrett is at the white house with more on what all this means. major? >> reporter: scott, mental health professionals have sought this change for decades, both to improve treatment and to lift a long-standing stigma. today's announcement means insurance companies must now provide the same benefit coverage for illnesses of the mind they have long provided by for every other kind of illness. in atlanta today, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius described a new world for those suffering from mental illness or substance abuse. >> imagine what it would mean if pe
. >> reporter: mr. obama's proposal to extend those canceled policies for one year caught the insurance industry by surprise and left state insurance commissioners bewildered. the white house needs those insurance commissioners' approval to resurrect canceled insurance plans for consumers who want their old coverage back. we reached out to commissioners across the country. the vast majority-- 37 states-- are still researching the president's proposed fix. so far, four states-- washington, vermont, arkansas, and rhode island-- have rejected it. one of the states considering its options is montana. the insurance commissioner there said the president's plan is confusing and "throws everything on its head." the president knew this approach was risky, scott, but decided it was much riskier to do nothing at all. >> pelley: major garrett at the white house for us tonight. major, thank you. overseas china's leaders announced two significant reforms today. they're abolishing the labor camps where political prisoners are punished and they're easing the limit of one child for most couples which was put int
this international airspace. the b-52s had no problem. tonight, president obama's national security adviser is flying home from afghanistan and empty-handed. susan rice's mission was to persuade afghan president hamid karzai to sign a new security agreement that will keep some u.s. troops in afghanistan after the nato combat mission ends after next year. major garrett's at the white house. >> reporter: the white house says president karzai holds in his hands the future security of his country and the promise of $8 billion in annual u.s. aid. that hand currently will not sign the security agreement the u.s. thought was sealed and delivered. national security adviser susan rice's face-to-face meeting with the afghan president produced nothing but frustration. >> what i said to the president is we would have no choice. we would be compelled by necessity-- not by our preference-- to have to begin to plan for the prospect that we will not be able to keep our troops here because they will not be invited because the b.s.a. will not have been signed. >> reporter: the b.s.a., or bilateral security agreement,
at least for one year. mr. obama also took the hit today for the failed rollout of his health insurance web site. chief white house correspondent major garrett made news when he scheduled the president whether he knew about the trouble ahead. >> reporter: you were informed or several people in this building were informed two weeks before the launch of the web site that it was failing the most basic tests internally, and yet a decision was made to launch the web site on october 1. did you regret that? >> on the web site i was not informed directly that the web site would not be working, the way it was supposed to. had i been informed i wouldn't be going out saying, "boy, this is going to be great." you know, i'm accused of a lot of things, but i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying, "this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travelocity" a week before the web site opens if i thought it wasn't going to work. >> reporter: we also asked how the president could make this promise while promoting the health care law. >> if you like your insurance plan, you will keep it. no one wi
obama welcomed to douglas fir to the executive mansion today. the official white house tree comes from pennsylvania this year. >>> it sure is feeling like the holidays out there, isn't it erica? >> absolutely, leslie. we are seeing another really cold weekend on tap this november has been one of the coldest in about 25 years. so looks like we're going to hold on to that through the rest of the month, only a couple more days. take a look at the almanac for today. temperatures only in the 40s. how long is that going to last? i'll tell you coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. >>> the white dale mountain resort -- white tail mountain resort a remarkable early opening, since 2001. it will be white friday at white tail when we come back. >>> but first, it is not new video of a crater on the moon. we're going to tell you what left this hole in missouri this morning. up next. >>> there's some powerful home video after a natural gas pipeline exploded in missouri this morning. no one was injured, but some residents were evacuated just as a precaution. seven buildings on a nearby farm
, president obama apologized for one of the biggest emerging problems with the affordable care act. more than three million americans have been told that they will lose their health insurance plans, even though the president has repeated for years that americans who liked their plans could keep them. here's what he said to nbc. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they've got from me. we've got to work hard to make sure they know we hear them, and that we're going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this. >> pelley: the plans are being canceled because they don't meet the minimum standards of the president's health insurance law. that's something that was always in the legislation. today, a former miami dolphin spoke to us about the turmoil in the locker room. the nfl is investigating whether offensive lineman richie incognito harassed teammate jonathan martin. lydon murtha, a former lineman who played with both men, had this to say: >> there is instances, no question, where he w
who served and sacrificed in the armed services. at arlington national cemetery, president obama placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and spoke of conflicts past and present. >> by this time next year the transition to afghan-led security will be nearly complete. the longest war in american history will end. (applause). >> reporter: there was a standing ovation for richard overton. at 107 the former soldier is believed to be the oldest-living veteran of world war ii. in new york, the military's first female four-star general led the parade. ann dunwoody retired last year after a 38 year career in the army. and in britain a funeral was held for harold percival who served in the royal air force in world war ii. he died last month at 99 with few friends or family. but when his story was picked up on the internet, hundreds turned out to honor him. war stories in six words, next. next. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business exp
of the federal health insurance web site, the obama administration finally told us how many americans have signed up. in the first month, it comes to just over 106,000. people who chose policies on both the federal and state sites, though they had not necessarily paid for them yet. that is only about 20% of the 494,000 that the administration had projected. major garrett at s at the white house for us tonight. major? >> reporter: scott, the white house said for weeks these enroll. numbers would fall short of expectations-- and they have. the poorly designed federal health care web site-- nearly unusable in its first days of operation-- severely limited the number of people who were able to sign up for coverage. of the 106,000 americans who are counted as enrolled in obamacare, less than a third-- just under 27,000-- did so by navigating the remaining three quarters-- just under 80,000-- signed up on one of the health insurance exchanges run by 14 states and the district of columbia. more disturbing for the administration, the ratio of obamacare customers is currently heavily tilte went online the obama administration is trying to take the pressure off the troubled web site. until now, people looking for a government subsidy had to apply on the government site but the white house said today it will now work with insurance companies to allow customers to apply for subsidies on the insurance company's web sites. it also said that when the government web site is working properly, 80% of people shopping for insurance under obamacare will use it to buy a policy. former vice president dick cheney and his wife lynn said today they are pained that a dispute between their daughters over the issue of same-sex marriage is now out in the open. mary cheney is married to a woman. liz cheney opposes same-sex marriage and she's running for the u.s. senate in wyoming. nancy cordes has more. >> reporter: the family feud burst into public view on sunday after liz cheney was asked about same-sex marriage on fox news sunday. >> i do believe in the traditional definition of marriage. >> reporter: cheney's sister mary wedded her long-time partner, heather poe, in 2012 and they
. the white house acknowledged today that administration officials, including president obama, were briefed on a consultant's report six months before went online, a report that said problems were coming. nancy cordes is on capitol hill for us tonight. nancy. >> reporter: scott, administration officials said today they took this report's warnings into account and made changes, but republicans argue that its very existence casts doubts on claims by the president on down that they were caught by surprise. with startling foresight, the consulting firm mckinsey predicted more than six months ago that the rollout of would be hobbled by evolving requirements, insufficient time for end-to-end testing, and significant dependency on external parties and contractors. louisiana republican steve scalise: >> this report lays out the chaos that was going on, but all of this information was known within the white house. >> reporter: mckinsey was hired by the administration to do the review and interviewed 40 people involved with the web site, including henry chao, a key manag
. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter. >> brennan: in keeping with thanksgiving tradition, president obama granted pardons to turkeys. they will go on to live the rest of their lives at a farm in virginia. further down the food chain there will be no pardon for anchovies, providing a feast for very large appetites on the west coast. ben tracy is there. >> reporter: on california's monterey bay you don't really need these to see these. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: humpback whales, dozens of them, are everywhere. wow, they're like right on us. boeing away even avid whale watchers such as sharon she ever. >> it's never been like this. this is phenomenal >> reporter: do these whales make you feel very small? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: there are also dolphins and hundreds of sea lions. they are chasing an unexplained explosion of anchovies in the bay. killer whales showed up to hunt the sea lions. >> under the bow! >> reporter: tourists and scientists have never seen anything quite like it. >> there's easily over 100 to 200 whales in monterey bay, so this is, like, so exceptiona
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)